Automated Imaging, Analytics, and Documentation
for Reproducible Cell Culture
Increase Productivity by Automating
Time Series Imaging 24/7
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Robotically Image 50 Incubated Plates to
Protect User and Cell Health
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Image Cells and Tissues with 60
Focal Planes, 2.5 µm to 50 µm apart
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Benchtop instrument that automatically builds a centralized database of images, metrics, and methods and materials.

CellAssist 50

Automated time series imaging of up to 50 incubated plates, providing researchers unprecedented imaging and analysis capabilities of cell and tissue dynamics.

CellAssist Software

Cell and tissue visualization and analysis capabilities with a centralized database of images of metrics, including growth rates, confluency, colony counts, and sizes

The CellAssist Family:
Cell Culture with Confidence

The automation provided by the CellAssist family of instruments replaces your time at the inverted microscope and enables you to acquire, organize, and analyze images of all your cells in 6-well to 384-well plates. The unique CellAssist Family is setting new standards for reproducible cell culture in numerous laboratory applications while giving you confidence in your cell culture process.

Human Factor

Optimize personnel’s time spent on research and minimize exposure to harmful optimize organisms.


Access a repeatable and documented process for acquiring and managing significant amounts of high quality data.


Leverage high resolution, repeatable, and reproducible images that capture all the cells in all the wells across time.

Cell Health

Stop worrying about cell health being compromised due to manual handling and introduction of dyes.


Seamlessly take large quantities of data and turn it into meaningful, actionable information to guide decision making.